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Dodgeville WI CommunityPopulation: 4,978
Median Age: 38
Median Home Price: $224,000

Nestled in the scenic landscapes of Southwest Wisconsin, Dodgeville shines as a hidden gem of the Badger State. With a population of approximately 5,000, it proudly holds the title of Iowa County’s county seat as well as its most populous city.

Surrounded by the natural splendor of sandstone cliffs and rolling hills, Dodgeville offers an enchanting backdrop that captivates all who visit. Beyond its natural allure, Dodgeville holds a rich historical significance as the sixth oldest European settlement in Wisconsin, earning it a place among the state’s cherished historic locations. Once the largest city in the state, Dodgeville’s history as a bustling hub for mining operations adds to its storied past.

Described by as exuding a “sparse suburban feel,” Dodgeville beckons to real estate buyers searching for tranquil and stress-free living conditions. As part of the Madison Metropolitan Statistical Area and located about 45 miles west of Wisconsin’s capital, Dodgeville retains its peaceful charm while remaining within a convenient distance from urban amenities. For those journeying from Milwaukee, the city of Dodgeville is a mere 125 miles away, promising a rewarding escape into nature’s tranquility.

Quick facts about Dodgeville, WI

  • Lush, natural beauty surrounds Dodgeville, with rolling landscapes and gorgeous sandstone cliffs in abundance all around. The picturesque surroundings feature vast wildflower meadows, verdant wooded hillsides, and richly textured outcroppings, along with an abundance of flowing streams and sparkling lakes.
  • The remarkable topography is the result of the area being unglaciated. Known as a “driftless region,” the area features no accumulated rock and soil that is common among locations shaped by glacial movement.
  • The city of Dodgeville got its name from Henry Dodge, who founded the area’s pioneer community in 1827. Dodge made a pact with the local Winnebago Indians of the area to secure the location for his community’s lead ore mining operations. The original village where Dodgeville began was incorporated in the 1840s.
  • Dodgeville became the county seat of Iowa County shortly after its incorporation following a dispute with Mineral Point. Because of the formation of Lafayette County, Mineral Point lost its central location in Iowa County, whereas Dodgeville gained the esteemed geographic position and eventually the distinction of being the county seat of the new Iowa County.
  • Wisconsin’s oldest active county courthouse is found in Dodgeville, WI. The two-story, temple-style Greek Revival building dates back to 1859.
  • The proliferation of miners hailing from England during Dodgeville’s early years has resulted in the notable influence of British architectural styles, particularly of the Cornish influence. The Cornish vernacular style is defined by the prominent use of stone finishes, such as granite, slate, and limewash brick.

Homes for sale in Dodgeville, WI

Dodgeville welcomes homebuyers and property investors with a wide selection of real estate opportunities. As the largest community in Iowa County, this city offers something for everyone, regardless of need, interest, or investment target.

Here is an overview of what you can expect to find when you explore your options in the Dodgeville, WI real estate market:

Single-family homes for sale in Dodgeville, WI

Most single-family homes for sale in Dodgeville, WI offer 2-bedroom to 3-bedroom living spaces, with generous lot sizes that start at a quarter of an acre. Blending seamlessly into Dodgeville’s sparse and spacious neighborhoods, these houses feature generous lot sizes as large as two to three acres.

With spacious lots like these, homeowners have ample outdoor space for private enjoyment and for entertaining. Beautiful landscaping and mature trees are common bonuses that come with these homes, as well.

For buyers who dream of living the modern semi-rural lifestyle on a sprawling parcel of gorgeous Dodgeville countryside, there are many opportunities for you here, including acreage that stretches up to 20 to 40 acres. You may inquire with your trusted local Realtor for these remarkable properties.

Because of Dodgeville’s sparse, bucolic setting the design of most single-family homes for sale in Dodgeville, WI follows the ranch house structure, which maximizes an expansive single-level layout.

However, homebuyers who prefer multi-level homes will not be disappointed. There are options for two-story or three-story dwellings here—houses where the household can comfortably separate the main living rooms and social areas from the quieter, more private bedrooms.

Multi-family homes homes for sale in Dodgeville, WI

If you’re looking for a primary residence or a secondary property that can function as an income-generating investment, multi-family homes for sale in Dodgeville, WI can be the perfect option to suit your needs.

Renting out multi-family residential properties is an affordable way to get started in real estate investing. If you opt to live in one of the units while renting out the rest of the units, you can take advantage of the accessible mortgage rates that apply to single-family home purchases. Meanwhile, the income you earn from your tenants’ rent payments can help you pay off your mortgage balance.

Historic properties

The Dodgeville real estate market is also a great place to purchase a historic property at excellent value. While there are plenty of contemporary homes for sale in Dodgeville, WI that were built within the past few decades, you can also find properties that date back to the 19th century or even earlier—thoughtfully and lovingly preserved, restored, and updated for the 21st century homeowner.

Affordable options

Some of the most affordable houses for sale in the Dodgeville real estate market are mobile or manufactured homes. While these properties might be on the lower end of the available options in this market, they are by no means inadequate. Offering up to 3-bedroom living spaces, these homes are worthwhile options for first-time homebuyers working with a limited budget.

Senior living communities

With its sparse, tranquil, and unpolluted communities, Dodgeville is an attractive and ideal location for empty nesters and retirement-age adults. This is why it’s no surprise that homebuyers will find a good variety of senior living communities and services in the city, such as Bloomfield Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation and Sienna Crest Assisted Living.

Land for sale in Dodgeville, WI

Dodgeville, WI real estate offers more than just homes. In addition to residential properties, parcels of land may also be purchased in this diverse real estate market.

With lot sizes as large as 150 acres, these properties present real estate buyers and investors with various opportunities to either tap the land’s agricultural potential or simply build a hobby farm for personal leisure.

Living in Dodgeville, WI

Climate and weather

Dodgeville, WI is one of the most pleasant locations to live in Wisconsin, with June through August being the most comfortable months of the year. The winter months of December and January tend to be the least comfortable, but local conditions in Dodgeville are relatively better compared to parts of the state that are located closer to Lake Michigan and Lake Superior.

While Dodgeville enjoys approximately 188 days of sunshine throughout the year (slightly below the national average of 205 days), it is typically partly cloudy throughout the year. Annual rainfall measures 37 inches on average, much like the rest of the country, while snowfall is at 40 inches per year, slightly above the national average of 28 inches annually.

Cost of living

Living in Dodgeville is appealing not only because of the tranquility and sheer natural beauty of the place. The city is also more affordable compared to the average US city.

Sperling’s Best Places gives Dodgeville a cost of living index of 88, which means that residents are able to stretch their dollar by 12% more in this location. Groceries, utilities, transportation, real estate properties, and healthcare services here are cheaper compared to the national average.


The city of Dodgeville has a stable and growing local economy. Agriculture remains one of the most important industries here, with beef, dairy, and crop production providing steady sources of revenue.

There are also notable businesses that call Dodgeville home. These include the globally recognized clothing brand Land’s End, internationally renowned woodcraft supplier Walnut Hollow, leading chiropractic product manufacturer Thuli Tables, and cattle feed supplier Quality Liquid Feeds.


The Dodgeville School District operates one school each at the elementary (pre-K to 5th grade), middle school (grades 6 to 8), and high school (grades 9 to 12) levels.

For homebuyers looking for private school options, St. Joseph’s Church, School, & Daycare presents an excellent choice. This school provides education for Kindergarten to 8th Grade students with a holistic approach that keeps parents and the local church community involved.

Higher education is available and easily accessible through the University of Wisconsin-Madison and University of Wisconsin-Platteville. Another viable option is the Southwest Wisconsin Technical College in Fennimore.

Transportation and accessibility

Getting to and from Dodgeville is convenient, thanks to instant access to US Routes 18 and 151. Wisconsin Highway 23 also bisects the city from north to south.

Iowa County Airport is close by, less than 10 miles to the southwest from the city’s historic downtown.

Popular attractions and experiences

While it might not be a bustling metropolis, Dodgeville is no stranger to historic landmarks and iconic attractions.

  • Dodge Mining Camp Cabin – Built in 1827, this mining cabin is considered as Iowa County’s oldest building. A visit here takes you back in time and provides insight into the lives of Dodgeville’s earliest settlers.
  • Dodgeville Slag Furnace – A massive structure that dates all the way back to 1876, this furnace represented groundbreaking technology during the time of its construction. It was designed to help the miners separate more lead mineral from slag.
  • Iowa County Courthouse – Arguably Dodgeville’s most recognizable historic landmark, the state’s oldest active courthouse was dedicated in 1859 and still serves as the Iowa County government’s base of operations to this day.

In addition to notable attractions, Dodgeville also has a proud tradition of signature special events, such as:

  • Dodgeville Dodgefest – A lively music and culture festival that also features a car show, delicious food, and great beer.
  • Fall Art Tour – Southwest Wisconsin’s annual celebration of art and the creative spirit. Artists from Dodgeville, Mineral Point, Spring Green, and Baraboo showcase their work and open the doors to their studios to the delight of their guests and visitors.
  • Off the Vine – A local wine walk organized by the Dodgeville Chamber of Commerce.
  • Wisconsin Grilled Cheese Championship – This event’s name says it all. It’s a must-experience competition for the distinction of being crowned the best grilled cheese sandwich-maker in town.

Parks and recreation

When you own a home in a place as gorgeous as Dodgeville, immersing yourself in its natural splendor easily becomes part of your routine. Opportunities for outdoor recreation abound with the city’s generous array of parks, such as:

  • Centennial Park – Dodgeville’s best-known park, it features various playgrounds and sports facilities.
  • Courthouse Pocket Park – Located near Dodgeville’s historic courthouse, this park is perfect for relaxing picnics with family or friends.
  • Harris Park – Covering 30 acres of eastern Dodgeville, this park features a wide range of sports facilities, including multiple soccer fields, two baseball fields, sand volleyball courts, and even an ice arena. It also has a 27,000-square-foot multi-purpose hall that hosts wedding receptions, community events, and winter hockey games.
  • Springer Park – The smallest park in Dodgeville also serves as the Dodgeville Historical Society’s interpretive center for local and regional history.
  • Wilson Park – A definite crowd favorite, this park is home to little league baseball and softball events every summer.

Explore Dodgeville, WI’s finest real estate opportunities today

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Houses for Sale in Dodgeville, WI

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