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Village of Barneveld, WI


Population: 1,328 Median Age: 33 Median Home Price: $287,900 Barneveld, established in 1881, traces its roots to David Simpson's offer of a $1 right of way to the railroad. Home to the Barneveld Eagles, the village enjoys a prime location ...

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Welcome to Blue Mounds, WI

Blue Mounds

Population: 944 Median Age: 35 Median Home Price: $292,125 Just a 20-minute drive southwest of Madison, you'll find yourself in this serene village nestled in the southwestern corner of Dane County. Its proximity to the picturesque Blue Mo...

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Dodgeville WI Community


Population: 4,978 Median Age: 38 Median Home Price: $224,000 Nestled in the scenic landscapes of Southwest Wisconsin, Dodgeville shines as a hidden gem of the Badger State. With a population of approximately 5,000, it proudly holds the tit...

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Mineral Point WI at night

Mineral Point

Population: 2,565 Median Age: 46 Median Home Price: $250,000 Established in 1827, Mineral Point stands as the third oldest city in Wisconsin, steeped in a history enriched by its role as a prominent lead and zinc mining center throughout t...

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Mount Horeb, WI

Mount Horeb

Population: 7,742 Median Age: 35 Median Home Price: $411,750 Velkommen to Mount Horeb, affectionately known as the Troll Capital of the World! Back in history, Englishman George Wright, fascinated by the captivating landscape that now comp...

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Platteville, WI Community

Platteville, WI

Population: 11,764 Median Age: 22 Median Home Price: $187,000 Platteville, the largest city in Grant County, traces its roots back to 1827 when European Americans christened it along the banks of the Platte River. Initially, it thrived...

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Ridgeway, WI


Population: 646 Median Age: 39 Median Home Price: $243,000 Nestled in Iowa County, the town of Ridgeway spans 48.75 miles of roads, offering access to breathtaking scenery that includes lush woods, sweeping vistas from elevated ridges, and...

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Verona WI Water Tower


Population: 14,276 Median Age: 38 Median Home Price: $474,900 Verona is an evolving, dynamic community offering an array of recreational, cultural, and business amenities, conveniently situated just 15 minutes from the State Capitol and th...

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