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Mineral Point

Mineral Point, WI at nightPopulation: 2,565
Median Age: 46
Median Home Price: $250,000

Established in 1827, Mineral Point stands as the third oldest city in Wisconsin, steeped in a history enriched by its role as a prominent lead and zinc mining center throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries.

During the 1830s, the news of the area’s abundant lead deposits reached Cornwall, England, prompting a wave of skilled immigrants with expertise in mining and stone building construction to settle in Mineral Point. Their influence is vividly portrayed in the city’s impressive collection of mid-19th-century architecture, a testament to their enduring legacy. Today, the city’s historical charm has transformed it into a sought-after regional tourist destination.

Noteworthy employers in the area include esteemed names such as Lands’ End, Upland Hills Health, Cummins Emissions Solutions, and the University of Wisconsin—Platteville, underscoring Mineral Point’s role as a hub for diverse industries and educational institutions.

Some of the community’s most popular events include:

  • Mineral Point Gallery Nights, taking place on the first weekends in April, June, August, and December, featuring late-night shopping, live music, workshops, artist receptions, and much more.
  • Cornish Festival, held each year during the last weekend of September when “The Most Cornish City in the USA” celebrates the city’s connections to Cornwall with three days of entertainment and education featuring Cornish music, foods, and traditions.

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